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5 Custom Military Gifts to Ring in the Holidays

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It's the start of a new holiday season, and with it comes the joys of holidays and gift-giving. Whether you're a veteran, current military member, or someone related to or friends with a veteran, this is a great time to show your appreciation for those closest to you – especially those who've also served their country.

Giving custom military gifts is an excellent way to commemorate all that has been sacrificed in the name of duty while marking this joyous holiday season. To help you out, we’ve compiled five unique gifts perfect for this holiday season – read on to see what they are, presented in no particular order.

Personalized Dog Tags

Personalized military dog tags make great custom military gifts for a few reasons. First, because they are small, they can be given as a stocking stuffer or even placed on another gift and secured to the gift box using holiday ribbon. It is a nice decorative touch.

Personalized dog tags are easy to order and shipping is usually superfast. The best part is that you can show your gratitude for a service member's service by personalizing a set of dog tags.

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You can keep it simple by getting some that are replicas of what a person wore while in uniform, or you can get them customized using USAMM’s USwag tool which puts just about anything on products sold by USAMM.

You can also get these powerful mementos customized with words of inspiration that will remind your beloved service members of your love and support. Whether you want to commemorate a special moment or offer words of encouragement, personalized dog tags are the perfect gift for any occasion. And odds are great that if you take a moment to honor your service member by purchasing these custom military gifts, they will cherish for years to come.

Custom Military Mug

Custom military mugs make awesome custom military gifts because military personnel love their coffee and tea, and let’s face it, they drink a lot of it especially on deployment and when a mission needs to be achieved.

Giving these as custom military gifts enables the gift giver to get creative and design a mug featuring the service member's branch of name, service, rank, or unit insignia, if they like. You can purchase something printed or go for something with a little more flair.  

Consider the Battle Mug when you’re thinking about giving custom military gifts. This awesome mug is machined from 10.5 pounds of 6061 T6 billet aluminum into a two-pound sculpted American-made work of art.

The Battle Mug’s M1913 picatinny rails allow optional M4 carry handles, one of which can be fitted with an optional lid, and other tactical gear to be attached like a tactical light, laser device, holographic sight, or any tactical device imaginable for your operations. Battle Mug is more than a drinking device, it is an heirloom that travels with its owner through every aspect of life and can be passed on to future generations. And you can get up to three lines of laser engraved text.

custom military gifts mug

Customizable Wrapped Canvas

Some great custom military gifts for Navy personnel and veterans is the customizable Navy ship class wrapped canvas. These things are sized just right for any office, barracks or home room.

Each high-quality print has a great printed image of the ship of your choice and it is professionally hand-stretched over wooden 1.5” stretcher bars and back stapled for a classic gallery look. Sold exclusively at USAMM, they use archival grade, white-satin, 19 mil canvas so that your artwork will always look as good as the day you open the package.

These are 12" x 16" x 1.5" in size. They are sold and come ready to hang.

And if you didn't serve in the Navy, no problem, you can buy these wrapped canvas prints and get just about anything printed on them.

Custom Navy Caps

When it comes to finding unique and meaningful custom military gifts for those who serve, one item that fits the bill perfectly is a Navy cap. These caps are not only stylish and practical, but they also allow service members to proudly display their affiliation with the Navy.

These are made and embroidered in the United States and USAMM has a large list of ships, insignia, and badges that are offered on the Navy Cap Builder with many more on the way. In fact, if they don’t have a ship, you can reach out to customer service and they just might create the ship for you.

USAMM offers regular caps, Captain Scrambled Eggs, and Admiral Scrambled Eggs in both navy and coyote colors. Ordering is easy. Simply go to the Cap Builder, chose the U.S. Navy ship class, add the ship name, hull number and optional text on the back of the cap. Ships and text are professionally embroidered directly onto your cap.

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U.S. Navy Custom Ship 3D Laser Engraved Plaque

Great custom military gifts are the ones that are cherished and remembered for years to come. When shopping for custom military gifts, consider giving something that can be shared with others by the recipient and has the durability to stand the test of time.

They can commemorate their favorite ship with a 3D laser engraved plaque. USAMM uses high-quality American Red Alder and it is easy to complete an order. Simply choose the ship class and add the ship name and hull number (or whatever text you'd like engraved).

The plaque is ¾ inch thick and has a hole for easy wall mounting. It measures 12" x 9" and it is 100 percent made in America.

These are great reminders for veterans of their time in the military. A personalized engraved wooden plaque is a timeless way to honor and acknowledge your loved one's military success.

Showing appreciation for a service member's dedication and commitment is something we can all do. Give your service member the recognition they deserve with these gifts that represent their hard work and service. From personalized dog tags to engraved wooden plaques, there's sure to be something special that your loved one will cherish forever.

Shop now to find the perfect way to let your service member know they're appreciated.

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