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Gifts for Airmen: The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

Air Combat Command logo on grey tee shirt.

The holidays are closing in fast and if you have a U.S. airman in your life, you might be looking for gifts for airmen that will show them how much you care about them and show them the pride you have in their service.  

The key to buying great gifts for airmen is to truly think about who they are and what they like. If that still doesn’t do the trick to help you find great gifts for airmen in your life, then try this short list to find the perfect gift for the airmen in your life and be sure to take advantage of Black Friday and Cyber Monday specials.

Subscriptions used to be hard to manage, but thanks to technology, anyone can read, watch and play games from their personal devices.

Subscriptions are great gifts for airmen because hard copy magazines are fading into history and most, if not all, magazines are available in a digital format with a subscription. If your airman isn’t really into periodicals, then maybe a subscription to a popular streaming channel might be a great gift. If the airman in your life is a gamer, there are plenty of membership subscriptions that will satisfy their gaming fix.

Gift Cards
Gift cards make great gifts for airmen because they give the recipient complete freedom to purchase what they want. Gift cards can be used in a variety of ways to shop for airman uniform items, including ribbon racks, or service pride items, but rest assured, you can’t go wrong with gift cards as gifts for airmen, especially when you can send them virtually via e-mail or mail them as a traditional plastic card.

Airman Pride
Airman hoodies, t-shirts, and hats all make great gifts for airmen. It’s a nice way for that special airman in your life to show their pride while keeping warm and looking sharp. Theater hats take a step up and allow them to show their OEF or OIF pride.

If the airman in your life loves to read, then great gifts for airmen are books. If they have reading devices, you can simply purchase a book for them and they are sent a link to download their book. You can also buy them a credit on a particular e-book platform and they can download a book of their choice if you don’t want to be deal with shipping something to an airman who is currently deployed.

If your airman isn’t deployed, then consider hard copy books and even audio books for them to listen to as they work out or drive to work. Either format makes great gifts for airmen who are book fans.

Military Gifts
If you’re shopping for a seasoned airman in your life, then odds are great that your airman’s career has allowed them to collect a lot of coins, awards and trinkets from their many years of service. Items like shadow boxes, coin racks, and flag cases are wonderful gifts for airmen who have amassed items that reflect their military service. Your airman might be so busy that they’ve likely not had the time to organize those items in a way that they can be properly showcased.

These are awesome gifts for airmen or Air Force veterans with a few years of service under their belt.

Whatever gifts for airmen you decide to buy, shopping and shipping early is always smart to ensure your airman knows you are thinking about them during the holidays. Remember, take advantage of those Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales to not only get a great gift, but to save your hard-earned money.

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