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Marine Corps Gifts for the USMC Ball


If you haven’t already done so, it is probably a good idea to start shopping for the Marine Corps Ball especially if you are shopping for perfect Marine Corps gifts to share with your friends, family or loved ones. Online retailers like USAMM are a great place to start and we have a wide selection to help you pick Marine Corps gifts that will make the Marine Corps Ball that much better.

Marine Corps Gifts to Wear at the Ball
The Marine Corps Ball is a great opportunity to dress up and look sharp. If you are a Marine, treat yourself to a brand new, fresh, ribbon or medal rack for your uniform. This is one of the best Marine Corps gifts you can give yourself. As a leader, you will set a great example for other Marines, but if you’re not a leader, then think of it as an investment in yourself. If you want to give someone a medal or ribbon rack it is best to not to surprise them. They know what they’ve earned and likely have all the accompanying paperwork. Check with them first before springing a surprise on them that might not include all the Marine has earned. Racks and medals make great Marine Corps gifts. After all, the ball only happens once per year.

Marine Corps Gifts to Use at the Ball
Challenge coins are great Marine Corps gifts to give for the Marine Corps Ball. In many cases, most units have their own challenge coins that are distributed to unit members. However, if you’re new to the unit, haven’t received or earned one, do you want to take the chance and be the only Marine without a challenge coin? You do know what happens when you don’t have a coin, right? Don’t get flanked. If you’re a Marine Corps veteran, ensure you show up armed with a challenge coin because as they say, the best tasting beverages are the free ones. If you have a family member or friend who is a Marine, Marine Corps challenge coins are great Marine Corps gifts that they can take to the ball.

Marine Corps Gifts for the Home or Office
Not all Marine Corps gifts given for the Marine Corps Ball have to be worn or taken to the ball. The Marine Corps Ball is the celebration of the Marine Corps birthday, and therefore, it is a birthday celebration for every Marine. And as we know, birthdays mean presents. Shadowboxes, coin displays, plaques and drinkware are great Marine Corps gifts. Personalizing them by adding a custom name, rank, date makes it even more special.

Marine Corps Gifts for the Wing Man/Woman in Your Life
Do you have a friend who is as useful as your right hand? Well, you can show your appreciation to that man or woman who is your wing man/woman by getting them a customized wing tank. Whether you’re spiking the grog bowl or hitting the flask while in the head, customized flasks are great Marine Corps gifts for that battle buddy in your life.

Last Minute Marine Corps Gifts
If you thought about getting some great Marine Corps gifts, but time got away from you, then consider purchasing a gift card. Gift cards are great Marine Corps gifts that can help offset the costs of attending the Marine Corps Ball and they can also help the Marine you are shopping for purchase whatever they want. Maybe their uniforms are squared away and they do not need uniform items. A gift card enables them to buy whatever they want. Many gift recipients prefer and enjoy the flexibility of spending other people’s money on what they want.

Marine Corps Swords
Marine Corps swords are amazing Marine Corps gifts. Officers and NCOs must purchase their own, so presenting a Marine with a sword would definitely be a great gift. But beware. Marine Corps swords, like any military swords, are not cheap and there are other components, like the scabbard, that must be purchased and that will drive the price higher. Depending on the unit, Marines can wear their swords to the Marine Corps Ball. Much depends on unit directives.

The Marine Corps Ball is a wonderful opportunity to purchase great gifts for the Marine in your life or to treat yourself to some nice gifts to commemorate the Marine Corps birthday. Remember though, as the Marine Corps Ball gets closer, demand for items goes up, so whether you are shopping online or shopping at a brick-and-mortar retail location, make sure you strike first and strike fast because there are thousands of Marines out there preparing for the same event.

The Marine Corps Ball is about celebrating the honor, integrity and rich history of the U.S. Marine Corps. It is also about honoring the men and women who have earned the title of U.S. Marine. This year marks the 247th birthday of the U.S. Marine Corps.

Like any mission—plan, prepare, move out and execute. And remember, to have fun. Happy birthday, Marines!

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