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How Military Thin Ribbons Help Showcase Your Achievements


Military Thin Ribbons Make Great First Impressions

An old adage states, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression” and that is certainly true when it comes to the U.S. military. Most people can remember the first time they spoke with a military service member. Their professionalism, military bearing, and appearance were likely impeccable.

Service personnel like to put their best foot forward, especially when they are in their service dress uniforms and wearing their military ribbons. Most service personnel spend a lot of personal time and money to ensure that their uniforms are perfect. They apply the attention to detail they learned in basic training to ensure their uniforms properly reflect credit on the service branch they belong to.

It is not just about service pride. Service personnel take pride in looking their best because it is personally rewarding to them. Some service members build their own ribbon racks and use the issued badges and uniform items to assemble their uniforms. Others go above and beyond, buying mirrored badges over oxidized, and military thin ribbons instead of the regular standard ribbons issued by supply or the first sergeant.

It might seem like a small detail that is insignificant, but military thin ribbons can make a big difference on the kind of impression that is left. In some cases, the service member gets only one chance to make that first impression.

For example, many service personnel compete for promotions or other opportunities through boards. Boards are comprised of leaders that examine a military member’s military bearing, knowledge, job performance, training and education, and of course, their appearance.

While some might argue that military thin ribbons are not necessary, it is hard to argue that military thin ribbons do not leave a great impression. What’s not to like?

Military Thin Ribbon Characteristics

Military thin ribbons have a lot of great characteristics which make them an obvious choice over standard ribbons. For example, military thin ribbons are much lighter than the standard ribbons and that is primarily because each individual ribbon uses considerably less brass than a standard ribbon rack. In fact, they do not use any brass at all.

In addition, military thin ribbons use glued on devices which makes them appear much neater. On ordinary standard ribbon racks, the device has two prongs that are pushed through the ribbon and then bent out to hold the device in place. Sometimes when the device’s prongs are poked through the ribbon, they are not perfectly centered or placed where they should be. Even worse, poking the ribbon with the prongs frays the ribbon and awkwardly stretches the ribbon’s fabric giving the ribbon a wrinkled, sunken look.

Lastly, sliding a ribbon with a pronged device onto a ribbon rack has its challenges. Sure, it is nothing insurmountable, but it is much easier just to order military thin ribbons on USAMM’s EZ Rack Builder.

It is also important to remember that buying military thin ribbons from USAMM enables you to get your military thin ribbons done in one fell swoop. You won’t have to drive around and make multiple trips to pick up uniform items. Have you ever gone to pick up a needed ribbon only to learn that it is sold out because every other service member on post who is appearing before a board had the same idea to get their ribbon racks in order? Or the device you need, which is on your records, is on back order?

Order military thin ribbons using USAMM’s EZ Rack Builder and you won’t have to worry about on-post supply issues. You won’t have to chase down all the components to put together your ribbon rack. USAMM has everything in one stop.

How to Order Military Thin Ribbons

Using USAMM’s EZ Rack Builder to order military thin ribbons is simple. Simply navigate to the ribbon rack builder page, and then select the "Start a New Rack" button. Once you do that, the ribbon rack builder will take you to a landing page where you can select your service. USAMM’s ribbon rack builder has the ability to build racks for the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Space Force, Coast Guard, Public Health Services and the Civil Air Patrol. You can order military thin ribbons or standard ribbons for these branches.

Once you select your service branch in the ribbon rack builder you will be asked to specify features of your ribbon rack. Again, you have the option to select military thin ribbons or standard ribbons. You will then have the ability to select your rack options. The ribbon rack builder allows you to pick how much space between ribbon rows (flush or 1/8 inch). The ribbon rack builder also allows you to choose if you want your ribbons aligned to the center or to the right. The ribbon rack builder allows you to choose if you want the military thin ribbons to be three or four ribbons wide. Finally, select what type of backing you want on your ribbon rack. The ribbon rack builder allows you to choose magnetic or pin backing for your military thin ribbons.

The EZ Rack Builder allows you to then move on and select your ribbons and accompanying devices. As the rack is built in the ribbon rack builder, you can see and image of the rack as you digitally build it. Once you are done adding ribbons and devices, review the rack, and then add it to your shopping basket. It is super easy to use USAMM’s EZ Rack Builder. This great ribbon rack builder allows you to build a rack whenever you want, 24/7.

If you are looking to make a great first impression, military thin ribbons built by the military professionals at USAMM can help you present the proper image that not only reflects great credit upon yourself, but also upon your service branch.

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