How to Mount Military Medals in a Shadow Box

how to mount military medals shadow boxes 

If you've served your country, and you’ve done it well, odds are good that you have some medals and ribbons that were presented to you for a job well done. Preserving and displaying your military medals in a shadow box is one way to keep your trinkets of service for others to see, but also preserve them for years to come.

Mounting those awards also serves as an opportunity for the members of your family, present and future generations alike, to understand where their heritage has been rooted. In this blog post, we'll explain how to mount military medals correctly so that they look both beautiful and respectful when on display.

Select a Shadow Box

Choosing the perfect shadow box size to display all of your prized awards and decorations can be a challenging task. To ensure that everything fits perfectly, take the time to properly measure all of your items beforehand.

How to mount military medals becomes less of a concern if there is no room to actually mount everything you’ve earned, so be sure to purchase a large enough box to house your prized medals, coins, badges, etc. Also, keep in mind that you may want to arrange the display in a visually pleasing manner, so factor in extra space for design elements.

Once you have selected the right size, the next step is to figure out how to mount military medals. There are several techniques and materials you can use for a secure and lasting display. From pinning, taping, hook and loop, or sewing, whatever method you choose, be sure to handle your awards with care to preserve their value and significance. With some careful planning and creative flair, you can showcase your achievements in a shadow box that is sure to impress.

Tip: Another option is to simply go with a professional, seasoned company like USAMM which has years of experience helping veterans select the right shadow box and saving them the hassle of learning how to mount military medals.

How to Mount Military Medals on an Appropriate Background

When it comes to showcasing military medals, choosing the right background can make a big difference. Something like felt or velvet can help elevate the display, making the medals stand out even more. Some folks even cut a section of their uniform and use it as a background.

But what's the best way to mount these medals? There are a few different methods, including sewing them onto the background or using special clips designed specifically for this purpose. Whichever method you choose, just make sure to take your time and handle the medals with care. After all, these medals represent important achievements and deserve to be displayed with the respect they deserve.

Tip: Retailers like USAMM specialize in building shadow boxes and you can use your own medals, ribbons and other items and the professionals at USAMM will assemble it for you. No worries. No hassles.

how to mount military medals medal builder

How to Mount Military Medals with Pins, Hook and Loop, or Other Materials

Mounting military medals is an important task that requires the right materials. It's essential to secure the medals to the background as it ensures their safety and longevity. Pinning, using hook and loop, or other materials are popular ways to mount military medals. The key here is to make sure that the medals remain in place, but ensure they are easy to remove if necessary.

How to mount military medals is easy when you consider one of the many surefire ways we’ve previously mentioned. For example, using hook and look strips is a great way to mount medals. Simply get some adhesive-backed hook and loop material and place a small strip (hook) on the back of the medal’s ribbon. Then take a same sized strip of hook and loop material (loop) and place it on the spot where you want the medal in your shadow box.

In addition, many medals have pins and you can simply drive the pin through the fabric-lined cardboard and attach the medals in that manner. We do not recommend hot glue or anything with severe adhesives because it will damage the medals with residue that will never come off.

Remember to distribute the weight and measure before putting things into your box. It is always a good idea to sketch out how things are going to be placed in the box, and then place them into the box without attaching them to the box backing to ensure it is visually appealing. Take a picture of it with your phone and then if you like the way it looks you can proceed to attach the medals.

Tip: If you want to avoid all of that work and possibly even damaging your hard-earned medals let USAMM do the work for you. We can turn it around in no time and we make it easy and that is probably the best method on how to mount military medals.

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How to Mount Military Medals with USAMM

If you don’t feel like organizing your medals, ordering them from the federal government (if you have some missing medals) and then waiting months for them to arrive because COVID-19 created a massive federal backlog, then maybe you should navigate to USAMM’s website and look for the EZR logo at the top of the page. Click it.

You will then click on the Shadow Box Builder. At that page you will have the option to login if you are a current customer or simply select Start New Shadow Box. That will then ask you to select the type of shadow box that you want. We have a wide assortment of sizes, types, colors.

Once you select the type of shadow box you want, then you can select what goes into it by selecting the Items button on the next page. There are options to build a rack, select badges, and other items to include in the shadow box. USAMM will use the US military awards chart to position awards in order of highest honors.

You don’t have to know how to mount military medals in order to create an awesome shadow box. Remember, USAMM is here to help and you can always order your shadow box online and let USAMM do the rest. How to mount military medals is not a question we ask regularly because we’re old pros at this and we know what we’re doing.

Tip: So, if you’re not sure on how to mount military medals and you simply don’t want to go through all that work, navigate to USAMM and shop shadow boxes today. 

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