Military Veteran Hats: The Ultimate Guide

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Different Types of Military Veteran Hats

Military veteran hats come in a variety of styles that represent different branches of the military and various conflicts and eras. Some are trucker-style military veteran hats, some are skater-style, while others can be more traditional in nature or have an operator feel to them. They can be purchased in a one-size fits all format, or they can be adjustable.

These hats are not only a symbol of a veteran's service but also a way to honor and remember those who have served. Each hat tells a unique story of sacrifice, duty, and patriotism.

No matter which of the military veteran hats you choose to wear, it is a powerful visual statement of respect and service and positively reflects on the brave men and women who serve our country.

Guide to Choosing Military Veteran Hats

Whether you're a military veteran or shopping for one, finding the right hat doesn’t have to be a challenge if you do a little research. There are countless military veteran hats on the market, but don’t let it become overwhelming to determine which hat is right for you. Luckily USAMM has a one-stop shop which can satisfy all of your needs for military veteran hats.

Military veteran hats like the ones at USAMM can offer unique and stylish options for those looking to make a bold statement. These hats often feature a classic, structured design with a wide, sturdy brim that provides ample sun protection. Some of the selections can also be formed quite easily and are easily washed in a washing machine when dirty.

Whether you opt for a subtle camo print or go all-out with a bold insignia, USAMM military veteran hats can infuse any outfit with a touch of rugged charm.

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Popular Military Veteran Hats

Customized military veteran hats are a great way to show your service pride. Custom hats, especially for Navy veterans, show not only service pride, but ship pride. You can not only get ship-specific hats, but also aircraft specific hats if you worked in aviation units. Wearing these military veteran hats, especially in public, increases the chances of another veteran coming up to you and stating that he too served on the same ship as you and that you are shipmates. These military veteran hats can not only start a conversation, but a relationship.

Some of the more popular military veteran hats are those that show recent American conflicts. Specifically, military veteran hats that show a veteran served in the Korean War, Vietnam War, Gulf War, and Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom are some of the more popular hats veterans choose to wear today.

Customizing Military Veteran Hats

Every veteran is different. Some veterans love to show their service pride, all the time, on their vehicles, one their bodies and in the case of military veteran hats, on their heads. Other veterans prefer to share their service pride on select days like Memorial Day, Veterans Day, July 4th, 9/11, or other patriotic days. We all show our service pride differently because we are all different.

Military veteran hats reflect a lot for the veterans that wear them. That said, besides perfectly forming the hat to fit your head, there are numerous ways to customize and personalize military veteran hats.

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Customizing your hat is a great way to make a statement and show off your personality. Whether it's adding patches, tiny badges, pinning a tiny ribbon or medal rack to them, the possibilities are endless. You can embroider your rank, name, flags, dates of service, awards and all sorts of customized items to military veteran hats.  

Don’t forget, many of these hats have strong fronts, so pinning ranks, lapel pins from medal sets, unit insignia, professional qualification badges (regular size or tiny ones) are all great add-ons to military veteran hats and it lets people know not only that you’re a veteran, but what you’ve done and seen. Of course, you can get some of these things embroidered onto your hat.

And you can also buy military veteran hats that have space reserved on the hat for hook and loop patches that can be attached to the front, back or sides of the hat. So if you purchase a nice subdued olive drab hat, you can find a patch to put on your hat that customizes it. The nice thing about this option is that you can buy multiple patches to put on the hat which enables you to customize it for particular events.

For example, if you are attending a Memorial Day event, maybe you prefer to place a U.S. flag patch on your hat that day. For a service specific birthday, maybe you decide to that you prefer to place your service’s flag on the hat. The point is, there really is no wrong answer on how you can customize these hats.

Military Veteran Hats Conclusion

Throughout our exploration of military veteran hats, we have seen that there is something special about wearing a hat to show pride in your service and patriotism. Whether you are intergenerational or newly enlisted, having the right hat shows your commitment and enthusiasm.

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As a veteran, you should take quality and care into consideration when choosing a hat—the ideal hat should be comfortable and last for years. Remember, you have many customization options, from embroidering to patches, ribbon racks, badges and pins, so you can make yours stand out in style.

Ultimately, if you’re looking for an eye-catching way to recognize your service, the right hat will find you. While there are a lot of military veteran hats to choose from, with a little patience you will find the one that looks the best, and fits just right.

So don’t wait – shop now and make a statement and check out our full line of military veteran hats.

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