5 Benefits of Joining the Marines: A Deep Dive

Leadership is one of the benefits of joining the Marines

Benefits of Joining the Marines (Introduction)

The United States Marine Corps is known for their motto Semper Fidelis, which means always faithful. Those who have served or are currently serving know that the phrase represents the brotherhood/sisterhood and bond among Marines. However, not everyone is aware of the other benefits that come with joining the Marines.

If you are thinking about joining the Marine Corps, read on. This is USAMM’s top five benefits of joining the Marines. This blog post will explore the benefits of joining the Marines and why it’s a great decision for high school graduates, college graduates, and veterans to consider joining America’s beloved Corps.

Benefits of Joining the Marines (#1 Personal Growth)

First, joining the Marines offers the opportunity for personal growth and leadership development. As a Marine, you’ll be part of an organization that values leadership and self-discipline. These qualities are important for not only advancing in the Marines but also in civilian life. You’ll have the chance to attend leadership schools like Corporals Course, Sergeants Course, and Officer Candidate School. Marines learn to lead by example and learn how to take on challenging situations with confidence.

Not to mention, have you ever seen an out of shape Marine? Not really, so if you want to get into incredible physical condition, physical training is also one of the many benefits of joining the Marines.

Travel is one of the benefits of joining the Marines.

Benefits of Joining the Marines (#2 Travel, travel, and then travel some more)

Second, you’ll have the chance to travel and experience different cultures. The Marine Corps has bases all around the world, and Marines are also on some U.S. Navy ships, so you’ll have an opportunity to live in other countries and experience diverse cultures. Did we mention that Marines also guard U.S. embassies all over the world? Serving as a Marine affords you the opportunity to see the world. This can be beneficial for a high school graduate or college graduate who hasn’t yet had the chance to travel or experience different cultures.

Traveling on Uncle Sam’s dime is a lot better than paying for it on your own. Not to mention, in many cases, when Marines travel overseas they do so for an extended period of time and not just a few days or a week like most vacations.

Benefits of Joining the Marines (#3 A Steady Paycheck)

Third, joining the Marines can offer financial stability. You’ll have a steady paycheck, healthcare, and many other benefits like the GI Bill, which provides money for tuition, books, and housing for veterans who’ve served on active duty for several years. The GI Bill is an excellent opportunity for high school graduates who want to further their education but don’t have the financial means to do so. The Marine Corps values education, and there are also programs like the Marine Corps Credentialing Opportunities On-Line (COOL), which helps active-duty Marines earn credentials in their military occupational specialty (MOS).

Granted, you will likely not become a millionaire while serving in the Corps, but you will undoubtedly make more money than an entry-level job as a civilian with no skills. Oh yeah, and you will likely learn skills that you can use throughout your life.

One of the benefits of joining the Marines is finding a sense of purpose.

Benefits of Joining the Marines (#4 Sense of Purpose)

Fourth, the Marine Corps offers a sense of purpose. It’s not just about having a job; being a Marine is about serving your country and being part of a group of individuals who are making a difference. The Marines are known for their bravery, honor, and commitment to their fellow Marines and country. For those who are looking for more than just a career, joining the Marines can provide a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

For example, most have likely read about the raising of the flag on Mount Surabachi, but if you were a Marine on that island, you would have been a part of that historical event. Some people make history, others read about it.

Benefits of Joining the Marines (#5 You Earn the Title)

Finally, joining the Marines means being part of a brotherhood/sisterhood. The bonds formed among Marines are unlike any other. You’ll gain lifelong friendships and be part of a family who shares a common experience. It’s more than just a job; it’s a community, and the support system is incredible. No matter where you go in the world, you’ll always have a fellow Marine by your side.

Marines are a tight-knit group because their training is considered the hardest of all the military branches. In addition, because they are smaller than the other branches, they take pride in being The Few, The Proud.

Being a part of a brotherhood/sisterhood is one of the benefits of joining the Marines.

Benefits of Joining the Marines (Conclusion)

In conclusion, joining the Marines offers more than just a job. It’s an opportunity for personal growth, travel, financial stability, sense of purpose, and brotherhood/sisterhood. If you’re a high school graduate, college graduate, or veteran, it’s worth considering the benefits of joining the Marines. Whether you’re looking for a career or a sense of purpose, the Marines offer both. It’s a decision that will change your life, and the bonds formed among Marines are ones that will last a lifetime. But be ready.

And while there are ample cases of Marines joining other branches of service after their time in the Corps was done, there are few cases of veterans from other branches joining the Marines. Physical and emotional preparation is the key and remembering that you are no longer a part of another branch will help you become a Marine.

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