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Commemorate Service with Custom Military Ribbons

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Military ribbons are eye-catching symbols of dedication, exceptional performance, and valor. They have been a longstanding tradition in the armed forces for hundreds of years and they tell the story of what a service member has done during his or her military service.

These days, military men and women, as well as veterans or the families of veterans, have the ability to create a ribbon rack online, something that was unimaginable years ago. Whether you're commemorating your own honorable service or recognizing someone else's service, ordering custom military ribbons is a great way to honor the sacrifices made by those who serve our country.

Introduction to Military Ribbons

Military ribbons represent different military achievements and are given out as a way to recognize the hard work and dedication of our service members. There are various individual decorations for conduct, achievement, commendation, and meritorious service, but there are also service awards that reflect service during a specific campaign or during a specific period of time.

The services also award ribbons for completion of training, participation in overseas assignments and for other distinct and unique instances and accomplishments. When you see someone with a rack full of colorful ribbons on their chest, each one tells a different story. A ribbon rack is in many ways like a

résumé worn on a service member’s chest.

But did you know that custom military ribbons can also be created to honor specific individuals or events? These personalized ribbons can show appreciation for someone's service or commemorate a special occasion like promotion, retirement, or a new or special assignment. For veterans, it can help commemorate service in a war, or just recognize military service in general. All in all, military ribbons are a way to honor and recognize the incredible sacrifices made by our troops.

History of Military Ribbons

Did you know that military ribbons have a history that dates back to World War I? Soldiers used to earn these things and wear them on their uniforms to show off their achievements during their time on the battlefield. But others credit Napoleon for creating the concept of ribbons worn on the military uniform to decorate it and to show military achievement.custom military ribbons AAM

Military ribbons weren't always standardized. Sometimes different units or branches of the military had their own custom military ribbons. It wasn't until the mid-twentieth century that the U.S. military came up with a uniform system for awarding and displaying ribbons. Nowadays, if you take a good look at any uniform in the U.S. military, you'll see these colorful little pieces of cloth adorning the chest of any service member. In fact, most military services award a ribbon simply for completing an entry level training course like officer candidate school or basic training.

Different Types of Military Ribbons

Have you ever wondered what all those ribbons on a soldier's uniform represent? There are a ton of different types of military ribbons out there, each indicating something unique and important. For example, there's the Silver Star ribbon for those who have shown extraordinary valor in combat, the National Defense Service Medal ribbon for those who served during a time of conflict, and the Good Conduct Medal ribbon for those who have displayed exceptional behavior and dedication.

Some ribbons represent medals, as mentioned above, and others represent completion of training or other accomplishments. The ribbons, as they are earned, are placed on a ribbon rack and worn on the uniform in order of precedence. For example, using the above medals to illustrate, the Silver Star would be the top ribbon on the rack, followed by the Good Conduct Medal and then lastly, the National Defense Medal. Personal decorations have a higher value than service medals and ribbons.

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Importance of Custom Military Ribbons

Back in the day, service members could buy ribbons or get them from supply or the first sergeant. Then they would have to buy the ribbon rack and assemble it, sometimes leading to frayed ribbons or devices that aren’t perfectly centered or mounted. Not to mention, sometimes the ribbons were placed in wrong order, making the wearer a target for correction.

Enter USAMM’s EZ Rack Builder. Custom military ribbons crank up the professionalism and help service members and veterans look their best. Custom military ribbons showcase a veteran’s military service, but also show that the wearer truly cares about his or her military bearing and appearance.

Custom military ribbons aren't just standard ribbons you can pick up at any military supply store. Instead, they're customized specifically for the person receiving them, capturing their unique accomplishments and standing as a testament to their service. They are assembled by professionals who are dedicated to creating a professional product that is second to none. If you have a promotion board coming up, a military ball, a new assignment or you are just ready to invest in your professional appearance, custom military ribbons is the way to go.

Benefits of Ordering Custom Military Ribbons Online

Thanks to the convenience of online ordering, getting custom military ribbons has never been easier. With just a few clicks, you can choose from a wide range of ribbons and customization options to create a truly unique ribbon rack.

But convenience isn't the only benefit of ordering custom military ribbons online. Ordering online takes just minutes compared to driving around and then assembling the custom ribbon rack yourself. And custom ribbon racks are a lot more affordable than you think. It is an investment into your appearance.

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Conclusion on the value of custom military ribbons

Custom military ribbons are more than just a piece of fabric. They are a symbols of honor and dedication that are given to those who serve our nation. These ribbons not only serve as a commemoration of a job well done, but they also help to build camaraderie within the military community. Custom military ribbons are a testament to the hard work, sacrifice, and bravery that our military represents.

If you're looking for a way to show your appreciation for a loved one or just want to jazz up your own uniform, consider ordering custom military ribbons. Visit the EZ Rack Builder to get started and your custom military ribbons will be assembled and shipped directly to your house in no time.