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Military Fashion & How It Became Mainstream

Military fashion. Two words that you never thought would go together, yet they do. Military fashion, that is, military-themed clothing, is a huge industry and it is more than a trend given military fashion has been around for decades.

Although some say that military fashion has been around since World War II, military fashion really came into American fashion culture in the 1960s and 1970s as soldiers came home from Vietnam and wore various components of their uniforms almost in defiance of a nation that didn’t welcome them home. They were proud of their service and some didn’t hide it. Fatigue pants and field jackets were popular amongst returning veterans.

Green military field jacket

Today, Vietnam Era military uniform items are considered vintage military fashion, but clothing manufacturers have figured out that the item doesn’t have to be authentic military issue in order to be considered military fashion.

The fashion industry has taken notice that Americans, and others throughout the world, love military-themed clothing because of its utility and practicality. Not to mention, it looks pretty good.

Today, it is not uncommon to see t-shirts, caps, hoodies, pants and jackets rocking camouflage patterns of various colors and designs. This urbanized style of military fashion is popular and doesn’t show any signs of slowing as a trend.

Boots are also a popular military fashion trend. They can come in different styles and materials that highlight the individuality of the wearer and a lack of conformity in a very conforming culture. Boots deliver a message about the person wearing them.

Field jackets and peacoats are a military fashion mainstay. Derived from the Army and Navy respectively, these two highly popular items are not only attractive additions to any ensemble, but they are highly functional fashion.

Army ACU battle dress uniform styled shorts

In recent years, cargo pants and shorts, made popular by battle dress uniforms, have taken the military fashion world by storm. These come in a variety of styles and military colors like black, green, khaki and brown, but some brands offer the trousers in camo patterns as well.

Military fashion, mostly, can be seen in casual settings. Those cargo pants go well with military-style boots and maybe a blazer over a camo pattern shirt. Remember, most fashion consultants believe that you should only wear one camo item in your ensemble. You’re not out to blend into the environment, you’re dressing to stand out.

And yes, even though Top Gun has come and gone, aviation jackets and glasses are still a thing and you will always look awesome rocking those items when it comes to military fashion.