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Halloween Care Package Ideas for Service Members

Halloween care package ideas for deployed troops.

As military personnel, service members deserve our utmost gratitude and appreciation for their unwavering dedication to serving our country. Naturally if you have a relative or friend who serves, you will readily agree with that statement. But if you are not connected to the military in any way, you can still do kind things for our service personnel who sacrifice so much while they serve.

With that said, what better way to show our appreciation during the Halloween season than to send them a thoughtful care package with lots of treats and gifts? Whether your loved one is stationed overseas or stateside on active duty, a care package filled with fun and festive Halloween treats and gifts is sure to bring a smile to their face. In this post, we’ll share some creative ideas to help you put together a thoughtful Halloween care package for the service members in your life.

Halloween Care Package Ideas for Service Members Overseas

Thinking about sending some yummy treats overseas? Might be a good idea to think again. While there is a good likelihood that the food will arrive intact with no problems, there is also a chance that the food will melt or get broken apart while in transit.

Not to mention, most deployment areas have well-stocked post exchanges and service personnel have access to plenty of treats. So instead of risking it with yummies, save yourself the work and the possible heartache by sending festive decorations that are Halloween-themed. Perhaps a string of pumpkin lights, a haunted house banner, or some fake spiderwebs can bring the spirit of Halloween to your service member’s barracks or home. It’s a great way to make their surroundings feel more festive and special.

Some might also enjoy some service-related gifts like hats or t-shirts that they can wear in their off duty time. 

There are plenty of Halloween care package ideas to share in this article.

Halloween Care Package Ideas for Service Members Stateside

Shipping to service members who are in the states is not only faster, but safer. Not to mention, you have a variety of choices in shippers while if you are sending something overseas, normally you can ship only using the U.S. Postal Service. That said, if you want to get some home baked or other special treats to someone you love in uniform, overnight, you can do that pretty easily and without any real threat of things melting (unless you are shipping regular mail that might take a few days).

Show your love and appreciation by baking some homemade treats to include in the care package. A batch of Halloween sugar cookies or some homemade pumpkin bread would be greatly appreciated by your service member. Not only is this a sentimental gesture, but it’s also a cost-effective way to add a personal touch to your care package.

If you opt to send something to your service member who is stateside, no Halloween would be complete without an abundance of candy and other treats. In your care package, include some traditional Halloween candy like candy corn, pumpkin-shaped treats, or some assorted goodies. Chocolate is great, but use caution because if you are shipping standard and the package is going to a southern state, they might get a melted mess upon arrival. Exercise common sense.

You can also add some seasonal favorites like pumpkin spice seeds or caramel apples. Try to include a mix of sweet and savory snacks so that your service member has something to look forward to during work breaks.

And don't forget to think about military gifts that they might enjoy. Customizable products make great gifts in care packages and folks can always use mugs, cups, and other items while deployed or overseas.

Halloween care package ideas pictured here.

Halloween Care Package Ideas for Service Members Overseas or Stateside

Service members may experience periods of downtime on deployment or work breaks, which can lead to boredom. Including a Halloween-themed activity book like a crossword puzzle, word search, or a coloring book can help keep them entertained. These activity books are easy to pack and can be shared with other service members, providing hours of fun.

Many young adults find coloring books relaxing, but just remember, if you are sending coloring books to Marines, ensure you include lots of crayons (just kidding, we love you Marines).

A lightweight item you can include in any care package is a gift card. Service personnel can always use them to purchase whatever they want, whenever they want. 

Personalizing Halloween Care Package Ideas for Service Members

Lastly, don't forget to add some personal touches to your care package, such as a handwritten note or photos of you, family, and pets. These personal items can provide a lot of comfort and support to the service members who may be homesick or missing loved ones. They are sure to cherish them and think of you when they see them.

That said, just because it is Halloween, don't hesitate to include necessary items your service member might be longing for like a hydration system or a knife. Maybe they had those items when they deployed and they lost them, or maybe they weren't issued those upon deploying. Whatever the reason, personalizing a care package is a win-win.

Miscellaneous Tips for Halloween Care Package Ideas for Service Members

It is never too early to ship anything. As we transition to fall, delivery and shipping companies get busy as people get a jump on early holiday sales. Remember, unless you are shipping something over night or to arrive in 48 hours, the package will need transit time. So buy it, bake it, pack it up and send it as soon as you can.

If you prefer to order items from online retailers like USAMM and then have the items shipped directly to the service member, be sure to allow time for order fulfilment and delivery. And check to ensure that the retailer will deliver overseas.

Pictured are some of the many Halloween care package ideas.

Halloween Care Package Ideas for Service Members in Units

It is much easier to target your service member and send them a Halloween care package, but if you enlist the help of some local organizations, you can likely provide care packages to the entire unit by applying a little organizational skill.

There are plenty of civic, religious, and service organizations that would be more than happy to not only contribute donations and financial support, but also manpower so, do not be afraid to reach out to local organizations and ask for help. Youth organizations are always on the hunt for community service projects as are civic organizations.

Also, if you are not affiliated with a service member, reach out to the many organizations that work to support the military and see how you can help. Reaching out to local military units, recruiters, reserve and National Guard units might also be useful in helping you connect with troops who are deployed.

In summary, a Halloween care package is a thoughtful way to show our appreciation to the military personnel who sacrifice so much for us. Whether you are sending the care package to your spouse, friend, or family member, by including festive decorations, sweets, activity books, homemade treats, and personal touches, you can bring a little bit of home to their military assignment or deployment. So go ahead, put together a care package for your service member today, and make their Halloween special. It will bring out the kid in them.

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