Personalized Navy Gifts: A Holiday Gift Guide

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The men and women who serve in the U.S. Navy live unique lives. Much of their duty carries them far away, all over the world, and they can sometimes spend months away from their homes. While their lives are rich with adventure, there are also a lot of sacrifices that they must make to be sailors.

With the holidays approaching, you might be thinking about what to get the sailor in your life. Whether it is a shipmate, relative or a friend, Navy gifts are great to give for the holidays, but personalized Navy gifts are the best way to show your appreciation for the sailor or veteran in your life. These gifts are not only thoughtful, but they also show that you put extra time and effort into finding the perfect gift.

The venerated veterans at USAMM put their heads togethers and created this list of ideas for personalized Navy gifts for the holidays. What kind of items make great personalized Navy gifts? The list can include anything from a custom Navy hat or t-shirt to a personalized Navy coffee mug or water bottle. But let’s get to our list.

Personalized Navy Gifts They Can Wear

Sailors take pride in the ships they have served on and items that reflect their service are great personalized Navy gifts. USAMM’s custom hat builder allows you to customize a hat with just about every active and decommissioned ship in the Navy’s arsenal. The hat builder also has Naval aircraft.

USAMM also has a wide assortment of Navy t-shirts, many that can be customized, with just a few clicks of a mouse.

personalized navy gifts t-shirts

Personalized Navy Gifts for the Home and Auto

Some of these gifts could include a customizable Navy ship class wrapped canvas which can adorn any room, but make great gifts for an office or service appreciation/memory wall. These gifts are lightweight and portable and perfect for the PCS-conscience service member.

USAMM also offers fully blank canvasses that can make great personalized Navy gifts. Ribbon or medal racks and other images can be placed on them to make the gift more memorable, and definitely more personal.

If you prefer something a little bit more durable, we recommend a U.S. Navy custom laser engraved wood plaque. These can also be customized and make great personalized Navy gifts for home and office alike. They show ship and Navy pride.

If the sailor in your life is reaching the end of an assignment, retirement or is separating from the Navy, consider a custom alder plaque that has custom laser-engraved text and your choice of a service branch or campaign coin. Additionally, you can add a thin ribbon rack, badges, metal rank or insignia by following a simple process.

Sticky racks or ship stickers also make great personalized Navy gifts. Just build the sailor’s ribbon rack in the EZ Rack Builder and USAMM will do the rest. With our quick shipping, your sailor or veteran can proudly display his or her ribbon rack in no time. These are great to stick on cars, trucks or motorcycles, but they can also be applied to recreational vehicles (trailers) and off-road vehicles. They also look great on tool boxes if your sailor or veteran is handy, and on just about anything where a person might like to show their Navy pride.

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Personalized Navy Gifts (cards)

It seems impersonal to some to give gift cards, but these are actually some of the best personalized Navy gifts to give because the receiver can purchase anything that they want from their favorite military retailer. USAMM gift cards can not only be used by a sailor to purchase customized wearables or home décor, but they can also be used to purchase uniform ribbon or medal racks.

Personalized Navy Gifts for Use

Work hard, play hard is an old adage and anyone who has served in the U.S. Navy is certainly familiar with that adage. When out at sea, duty days are long and cruises can last a long time.

That said, USAMM has a bunch of personalized Navy gifts that sailors and veterans can use in on and off duty time. Some of these are strictly off duty, but all of these personalized Navy gifts are sure to bring a smile to the face of your sailor or Navy veteran.

Custom flasks are great personalized Navy gifts and can be customized using USAMM’s USwag tool. Use these at special events or if you’d like a little nip by a warm fire while camping. Speaking of the great outdoors, you can also customize water bottles, mugs, and bottle openers to make tailgating, hiking and camping that much better.

Golfers can enjoy personalized Navy gifts like golf balls because after all what makes better personalized Navy gifts than customized balls that the sailor or veteran can proudly show off.

Customized dog tags can be used by the recipient as a unique luggage tag (they can also be used on gun cases and kit bags), to hang from their rearview car mirror, to wear and as a keychain. Honestly, the uses are many and with some creativity, these make great gifts.

There are also great stocking stuff type items like key chains and coasters that can be fully customized and make awesome personalized Navy gifts.

personalized navy gifts alder plaque

Personalized Navy Gifts in Conclusion

In summary, finding the perfect personalized Navy gifts to celebrate someone’s military service is a great way to show your appreciation and admiration. From military themed gifts like mugs and t-shirts, to home décor items, there are plenty of ways to create meaningful gifts that honor their service.

Whether you’re looking for a tribute to your own service or a unique way to recognize someone else’s, you are sure to find the perfect present that shows how proud you are of all they have achieved. So don’t waste any more time! Go ahead and shop now for the perfect Navy inspired gift.

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